NBA All Time Players

NBA has aot of top players but my favorite players are Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Stephen Curry. Some other people might like other players but everyone has different opinions. I didnt pick the other players because they did not win any championship games. When I first watch NBA I watched the Lakers game and I saw Kobe Braynt. I heard that he was very good so I started watching all of his game on T.V.. People say that Lebron James is one of the top players and I believe he belongs there because he is a strong man and his a big person, he also can dribble the ball well. Stephen Curry is one of the best 3-point shoter in the league and I picked him because he was the NBA MVP player of the year.

The Picture on the this page are the 3 NBA player I picked that I thought they are very well known. Every time they have a game with each other they always compete with themselves to get better as they go on the season. They are also very close friend and when they are in the court they do their best but they also have fun doing it. The players are also very good and active in the court and they also have time to be with their family when season ends. These players are very unique they have other kinds of talent like LeBron James can drive to the basket very easy, Kobe like to do fade-away shot, and Stephen Curry can shot 3 points all the time. This is why I picked these 3 NBA players for this website, because all of thier game counts as victory even when they lose

Kobe Brayant
Lebron James
Stephen Curry